Chen Quan Ming the epic Olympic Traveler

Chen Quan Ming the epic Olympic traveler

chen guan ming;s rickshaw

Today, I was going to Chinatown to have my haircut. When I arrived at the Chinatown Centre I spotted a colorful rickshaw covered with photos of Chen Guan Ming of his travel around the world. For the ones don’t know him here a brief story of him:

Mr. Chen living all his life as a farmer in Tong Shan, China and never left far from where he was born. Until Beijing landed the 2008 summer Olympic, he decided to ride the 800 km with his rickshaw to the bird nest stadium for the opening.  During his trip he passed 33 provinces and 1,700 towns and cities. After he achieved his goal but he didn’t stop there, he went on to an even more epic trip to the 2010 London summer Olympic again by riding his rickshaw. After 22 countries and two years later, he finally arrived in London and became an instant celebrity.

After a brief return to China visit his elderly father. Mr. Chen is on the road again. With the help of British Airway, he flown from Shanghai to London, then started his rickshaw ride to the next 2016 Olympic in Rio, Brazil.

well traveled passport

Inside at the Chinatown center, the Chinese media group has a small reception to welcome his arrival to Toronto. His Canadian trip started from Halifax, Ottawa and now Toronto.  Although he looks a lot older with his weathered face, long white beard and hair. His actually age is 58 years old however he spoke with a strong blooming voice. He describes some parts of his epic journey, the difficulty he experienced with snowstorms, heat, floods and his logging is his trusty rickshaw On a table there were note books to document his travel with pages of well wishes from strangers, official seals from every countries and cities he visited.

Although the Rio Olympic still three years away but Mr., Chen is determine to make it there for the opening.

Chen guan ming in Toronto

.  When ask what the reason for his epic travel was, he replied, his goal was to promote the sprite of the Olympic and world peace.

One of the onlookers, a non Chinese asked me about the gathering. I told her about of Mr. Chen’s tale. She was so moved by his courage and determination, said “Wow, Thank you!  That made my day”!

chen quan ming the epic traveller


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