Back to school

When I was in Art College one of my majors was printmaking, I made screen prints, etching and spent countess hours in the print studio at school. At my gradating year I even won an award as the” print maker of the year”. However it was also the end of my print- making days because at that time it was very little outlets to exhibit or sell my prints and I had no room in my small apartment to set up a print studio.

Later, I landed a full time job as a designer I used whatever free time I had for painting because it easy to manage than printmaking.
However deep inside I always knew one day I would return to print making. This summer, by chance I found an art school course catalogs and there was a class caught my interest “Non- traditional silkscreen and mix media”, I signed up and classes will start next week!

here is one of my very old print an etching I made way back then.



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