Painting for a special day

Today, it is the start of the Chinese new year or the Luna new year, the year of the dog. Every year I would create a new painting for this special occasion. This time I decided to paint a bouquet … Continue reading

art of the moving water

  One of my latest fascinations is to watch the moving water at the river near where I live. I spent lots of time watch the running water moving over the rocks and no matter how many photos I had … Continue reading

A painting a day #23 “Autumn Anemone”

  With the autumn in full force the trees are keep losing their leaves and most of the flowers in the gardens had gone. However the Japanese Anemone are still blooming,  the tiny white flowers made a welcome appearance. original … Continue reading

A painting a day #20 “autumn leaves in water”

  We had had some beautiful autumn days lately, I love the colorful leaves everywhere.  One of the places I visit often is the Rouge Valley in Toronto which is not far from where I live.  The colorful leaves in … Continue reading

A painting a day #18 “cabbage white butterfly”

  Our garden seems to attracted a lots of cabbage white butterflies: they made great color contract against the blue and white convoluvlus flower with the green leaves. watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabriano paper, 10″x8″.

A painting a day #17 ” bee with coreopsis’

I love bee, love watching them buzzing among the flowers in my garden, My daily painting #17  is the bee with coreopsis. watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabriano paper, 10″x8″.

A painting a day #16 “spring iris”



When I first start the daily painting, I kept it small and most of the paintings are around 10″x8″. Somehow I getting away from that size. today’s painting is lot larger, 12’x16″ but still managed to finished today.

watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabriano paper, 12’x16″



A painting a day #15 “Nun’s orchid”

Today’s painting is another orchid: ‘Nun’s Orchid” I first came across these orchid at Allan gardens, Toronto and wonder about the origin of the name. After some research it is named for its hooded part of the flowers. These plants originally came to the North America from China during the eighteenth century. This attractive orchid is adaptable and easy to maintain.


original watercolor on 140lb Fabriano cold press paper, 15″x10″


A painting a day #14 “Radiance”



It been one of those nasty Autumn day, dark , cold, rain with strong wind even threat of snow. I stayed home all day and in order to bright up my day, I worked on this painting, “Radiance” on 140 lb cold press Fabriano paper, 10″x8″