The accidental tour guide

henricks streetcar

Early Saturday afternoon, I was on my way to downtown, my plan was to pick up a couple of frames for my latest commissioned paintings. While waiting for the subway trains, a young man approached me asked me. He wanted to know the transit pass in his hand allow him to ride the subway all day. It was a day pass which allows him to use all public buses, streetcars and subway for the day. “Yes”, I told him, he sat next to me and explained it was his first day in Toronto; he arrived from India last night!
After we boarded the trains we continue our conversation, he came to Toronto to study engineering and he planned to go downtown to have a look of the city.

Without much thought, I invited him to come along and offered to give him a tour of the city if you like. He eagerly took up my offer.
For the next four hours, I showed him the different parts of the downtown, from the high end shopping area, to low end open market, big shopping center to underground mall. I took him for his first ride on the streetcar. Along the way we talked and I pointed out the historical buildings and took photos. We even made it to the busker festival, watched and enjoyed some of the acts.
Finally, after tea and desert in a small café in Chinatown we exchanged phone numbers and end our tour of Toronto.

buskers 2.


Retink and remake on my old art


I had been making art since I was a young boy and kept almost everything I had created. Although I had sold a lot of them but I own plenty more I make art daily, almost as soon as I finished one I would put it away and go right into the next. I treat every piece as a learning lesson to improve my skills and to develop my concept.
Some of my works sold almost as soon as I completed without any effort but some took months or even years. Unlike other artists I don’t get discourage if the work doesn’t sell because I been doing this long enough to know one doesn’t lives or dies with just one work, my enjoyment came from doing them and the discovery of what I could do.
I have stacks of prints from my art schools days; few had been seen by the public. Lately, I decided to give them a make over with my more experience eyes and new skills. I been doing paper cut for less than two years and this  one is my latest: a paper cut on a two color etching I done some 35 years ago.
‘The nature of man” paper cut on etching, 10″x12″.
paper cut on etching, 10"x12"

paper cut on etching, 10″x12″