Dis-constructive watercolor: Humming bird with poppies

My Latest Dis-constructive watercolor : “Humming bird with poppies”, watercolor with paper cut, 12″x20″

humming  bird with poppies s


Dis-constructive Watercolor


green tomatos with  grasshopper

Ever since I combined my watercolors with paper cut. I haven’t gone back to straight painting. I showed some of them at a art fair early in month and received wonderful and positive respond. Now, whenever I finished a watercolor I would look for area to add the cut out elements. Often the thinking and cutting would take double or even triple the time of painting. I even came up a name of my new hybrid art “Dis-constructive watercolor”!.

My painting in “Splash 14”

splash art

Oh my God, it is here.
Last year I was inform one of my paintings Parrot Tulip”  was included in “Splash 14, the best of watercolor” and the book will come out in June 2013.
Months went by and I almost forgot about it. Today, after being out most of the day when I returned to my studio my neighbor told me a package was waiting for me. Not knowing what it was until I open it what a wonderful surprise!
My painting is on page 19.

Escaping the heat while making art


moth orchid with moth

All week the temperature keeps climbing and my studio became more and more uncomfortable with the heat and humidify Early this week I thought if I focus on my work I might able to forget the heat. It almost worked.  However, today it reaches to 35c and with the humidity it was more like 45c.. Even with the three fans going I was still sweating without moving much.

Later, when I step out the hall way to get some water and was surprise it was actually cooler there. As it turned out, someone has the fire escape door open, there was some breeze coming in.

This gave me an idea to move my studio outdoor! At the end of my street is the Grange Park with many mature old trees. I packed up my camping chair and all the art supplies I need then headed to the park.

Almost all the park benches at the park were taken and I was glad I brought my own chair. , I found a shady spot under an old maple tree and set up my outdoor studio. There were lovely breezes coming from two directions, it was such a relief from my over- heated studio. Even the noises of talking, laughers and occasionally of dogs barking are not much a distraction for me. In no time I completed the art work I had spent the last two days working on..

“Moth orchid with moth”, It is another of my watercolor with paper cut. The main image are the white Phalaenopiss Orchid which is also called “Moth Orchid”. I added the paper cut Moth with the columbine flowers in paper cut in this piece, kind of playing with the name of Moth. The painting is 22”x18”.

It takes money to makes money

money paper cutUntitled-Scanned-02

Last year, I got a half five dollar bill as change while shopping. I didn’t realize until I got home. L figured it was useless just put it away.

When I was preparing my arts for last weekend art fair I came across that half five dollar bill again. Instead of thinking I was cheated I decided to use it to make art. .

This year at the art fair, I was showing my recycled art from coffee cups, shopping bags and boxes I collected from the recycle bins. I thought that half five dollar would fit right in with the recycle theme. I made a paper cut of a loon which is a Canadian icon and it is on the dollar coin and Canadian dollar often called Lonnie. I was quite happy this tiny 3”x3” money paper cut turned out and I sandwich it with two pieces of glass and put in a 6”x6” frame I made with corner frame samples I saved.

It was one of the first arts I sold at the art fair. An American tourist loves my recycled arts and my story behind that half five dollar bill. I made a great return on that half five dollar bill, better than any investment promised by Bernie Madoff