Five free things to do in Qingdao, China

There are many interesting things to do and see in Qingdao. Here is my recommendations for five free things to do while visiting Qingdao.

1)      Mayfour square

kite flying at mayfour Square

qingdao at night s

The name came from the May four resistance movement in Shandong province. This vast open square with the giant red sculpture (wind of May) it is the symbol of the modern Qingdao.  It is a place one should visit both day and at night because it offers a completely different feels. During the day, it is a great place to relax take photos, walk along the harbour, shop at the souvenirs stales among the board walk, people watching or even kite flying on the square. At night the square is lively with the sculpture lighted up. There were venders selling snacks and singers entertain you for your spare changes. One should find a seat experience all these activity and watch the spectacular backdrop of lights up buildings by the harbor.

2)      Qingdao city museum

qingdao museum

The entry is free for this wonderful museum; it offers both art and history exhibitions the first floor of the museum with two large gallery devoted to the history of Qingdao. The bilingual (Chinese/English) descriptions are very informative. The second floor galleries there are display of Chinese paintings, ceramic and craft. On the main floor also houses a compact book store and a gift shop also worth a visit.

 3) Old stone man bathing beach it is less crowded than the other one bathing beaches in Qingdao. The water is very clear and the sand is very fine.

old stone man beach

4)  Qingdao Olympic Sailing Park.

sailing at Olympic park

harbour by Olympic Park

Qingdao hosted the 2008 Olympic sailing event since then this area been turned into a public park. There are many restaurants, shops around here. On the weekend is very busy with tourists. One can take one of the tour boats to tour Qingdao harbour as well.

 5) St Michael cathedral

st michael cathedral

who is the fairest of them all

This German Cathedral is the only Catholic Cathedral in Qingdao it was built by the German in 1934. Although it is not open to the public but still it attracts a large members of tourists during the day. As for me, the real attraction was the wedding couples. During the day, teams of newlyweds would arrive with their wedding photographers and stylists. Each would dress in their wedding finest posing for the camera. Many like I would just sat on the steps opposite the Cathedral to watch.


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