A painting a day #15 “Nun’s orchid”

Today’s painting is another orchid: ‘Nun’s Orchid” I first came across these orchid at Allan gardens, Toronto and wonder about the origin of the name. After some research it is named for its hooded part of the flowers. These plants originally came to the North America from China during the eighteenth century. This attractive orchid is adaptable and easy to maintain.


original watercolor on 140lb Fabriano cold press paper, 15″x10″



A painting a day #14 “Radiance”



It been one of those nasty Autumn day, dark , cold, rain with strong wind even threat of snow. I stayed home all day and in order to bright up my day, I worked on this painting, “Radiance” on 140 lb cold press Fabriano paper, 10″x8″



A painting a day #13 “lily with blues”

  I take lots of photos during the year especially spring and summer when beautiful flowers are every where.  Some of my neighbors on my street are great gardeners. whenever I walk by their gardens I would stop and snap … Continue reading

The many lives of my cyclamen plant

I have this Cyclamen plant which I rescued from the compost pile at Allan Gardens in Toronto a few years ago. Once I got home I planted it in a pot with fresh soil and placed at the north facing … Continue reading

A painting a day #10 “Japanese Anemone”

it been such a joy to paint at least a painting a day, the other day when it was raining all day I stayed home and managed to finishes three painting. here is one of them, the Japanese anemone in … Continue reading

Moving water

  I painted this for the Liquitex “Muted collection” contest; for me the muted palette are gently color which are not bright either mixed with grey or white. I chose to use watercolor for this painting of the moving water … Continue reading