Cafes in Qingdao, China


Tea is the choice of beverage in China and coffee is more expensive here than in North America. Qingdao with its European influence has plenty of cafes. A cup of coffee usually goes for about 30-35 Yuan (about $5). For the same amount one can have a decent meal in most restaurants.  In order to justify the cost and attract customers most cafes offer customer a unique experience more than just coffee. I discovered a few of them while I was there. The first one is in the old town district called “liangyu Books”.

One day, during my tour of the old town. I noticed a number of young Chinese got off and heading into a book store in a historic building.  I got off at the next stop and head back. It was the “Liangyu, (good companion) books. The name came from a well known pictorial journal founded in 1925 in Shanghai.  The café open since 2006 and pays tribute to the magazine. It is a combination of book store, café, gallery and museum.

art show at Liangyu Books

When one enters this café, on the right side is the gallery space with exhibitions devoted to mainly artists related to the Liangyu magazine or Qingdao.The days I visit it was showing paintings and sketches by a Chinese artist  to celebrate the 100 anniversary of his birth. The café and books section is on left with one large wall displaying reprints of the magazine. Another wall is a selections of books for sale.  The café is full with charms with the few tables for one  to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while rest your feet or just get a tastes of  Qingdao past.


Liangyu books cafe

lunch at liangyu books

window at Liangyu books

Liangyu books #5Anhui Lu, ( old town)  Qingdao, China.


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