paintings for stamps

When I was in my youth one of my hobbies was stamps collecting. I spend hours studying, arranging and rearranging my stamps. For me, each little piece of paper was like a miniature art work. Some really captured my imagination … Continue reading

My inner spring in winter

Today is the second day of extreme cold alert and with the wind is -32C. I haven’t set my feet out side since Sunday. However I have stock up enough food and art supplied and likely able stay in till … Continue reading

A trbute to freedom of speech and to the people of France

A tribute to freedom of speech and the people of France: In Japanese culture, dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness, Watercolor, 10”x15”

The joy of winter

The wonderful thing of being an artist is

although it is -27 C today but I can create my own spring garden. Well, at least on paper, “Spring Crocus “watercolor on arches paper, 18”x10”.

watercolor on arches paper, 10"x18"

watercolor on arches paper, 10″x18″


How a simple idea expanded

Last week, I was making some bookmarks mainly try to use up some of the small strips of paper I had saved in my studio. Somehow my simple paper cut bookmarks started to expand and more ideas unfold:

bookmarksbookmarks 2

At first, I made some bookmarks using the image of Dahlias and then I started to expand into paper cut pop up cards.

Here is the first one I made.

pop up card

Almost as soon as I finished the first, as I was looking at it and feel the need to make it better for the next one: instead of having the whole flower pop out, I let only the center part as the pop up part. It seems to make it more three dimensional.

pop up card 2
This morning, I decided to make envelop to go with the bookmarks and cards.

blue envelop