National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Today, Jan 21 is national squirrel appreciation day. let’s celebrate those cute animals however they don’t make good house guests.

Here is my Squirrel post card with its own stamps watercolor with stamps, 5.5″x7″

squirrel stamps

This one is a paper cut on a coffee bag, 4.5″x12″

 Squirrel coffee bag

Another watercolor on paper, 5.5″x7″squirrel day painting

this one is a paper cut on a shopping bag

tommy squirrel


A sad story behind a lttle painting

we are sorry

I used to collected stamps in my youth but lost interest with it because I had become disappointed with what Canada post has to offers. Recently, I started to create my post cards and stamps. I would hand paint the postcards and stamps according to my interest, things had more meaning to me. This one is a 5”x7” post card and stamp of the CEO of RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Gord Nixon. I don’t know Mr. Nixon but RBC is the largest and most profitable bank of our land. In fact, his name came to my attention only last week because a long time RBC employee gone public with story of him along with 44 bank workers had been terminated by RBC.

 Those bank employees’ jobs been outsourced to a foreign company which brought in temporary lower paid workers from India. With no future jobs in the horizon and uncertain future but they still had to train their replacement workers. After complete their training in Canada those workers will return to India and work for RBC from oversea. Since this story came out and we found out this has been the dirty little secret among the banking industry and other big corporations. More sad stories came out from former employees with similar experience of losing their jobs to outsourcing. As the outsourcing backlash became more intense and RBC was the face of the profit driven corporations with little royalty to its employees and facing the worst public relationship nightmare.

Mr. Nixon has no choice but came forward to offer a public apologize and promise to review their outsourcing arrangement, and the affected employees will be offered comparable job opportunities within the bank.

More paintings for my stamps

Lately,  I having a wonderful time painting post card size watercolor for my stamps collection. Everyday, I would choose a stamp and used it at my inspiration for my little painting. It is like making my own souvenir postcards for the stamps. Here are a few of my latest postcard paintings.

grasshopper painting with stamporchid painting with stamp smagnolia painting with stamp s

iris painting with stamp


The Giant Pandas Are Coming!

A pair of Giant Panda is coming to Toronto  Zoo.  Er Shun and Da Mao are on the way via a special FedEx airplane and will be touching down on Monday.  They will made Toronto Zoo their home for the next five years and live in a 8 million dollar home and with a 3 million per year expense account.

For this giant event of our city, I painted this panda souvenir postcard and stamp to commemorates it. This special post card is 4”x6”   watercolor on paper.
By the way, if the Toronto metro zoo need an artist in residence to keep the panda with company? I can paint their daily portraits for all to see with a lot less cost than them. Just call me huh!

panda postcard and stamp

First Day Of Spring Post Card Painting

I enjoy getting up early. I think my mind is fresh in the morning and ideas come easily for me. My morning commune from home to my studio by the public transit would take more than an hour. I usually spent the travel time reading either the newspaper or books. Often some unimportant information would start a well of inspirations for me.

Today, the first day of spring was the lead in item on all the radios and the newspapers, likely because consider how cold the weather is.

I got this idea to celebrate the first day of spring with a post card painting. I choose the Easter lily because it closes to Easter. And I even found two Easter lily stamps for it.

The little painting is 5″x9″

first of spring day post card

Painting with Stamp

Painting with Stamp

poppy painting with stamp  orchid painting with stamp

When I was in my youth my hobby was stamps collecting.. I would spend hours studying, arranging and rearranging them. For me, each little piece of paper was like a miniature art work. Some of them really captured my imagination, I would imagine one day I would travel to those courtiers when I grow up. Eventually, my stamp collections grow into half of dozen albums.

I had this idea last year to combine my past hobby with my passion with art. I paint small painting to compliment a stamp. Each one would has some connection with the image of the stamp I used.

Most of these are about post card size around 5”x7”.

tulip with stamps