For the love of print making

It been little over a month since I returned to school and taking classes for print making, I was surprised how much has changed since my art school days.

My class mates came from all ages and background but few are artists are more interested to produce printed T shirts and tot bags to sell.

Our first project was  transfer image onto the silk screen, in my days of print making we prepare the image by cutting the image with an Xacto knife on film which often took a long time depends on how details of the image. however the new way is having the images printed on film at your local print shop so no drawing skills are needed. Some just took images they found on the web I was rather disappointed with the class and feeling I am among a group of craft sellers wonder if I should dropping out. at the end, t I decided to stay and try to get something out of this class.

After we had the two images transferred onto the screens, we started to print . Everyone were excited to printing their images on T shirts and bags but I brought nice watercolor paper for my printing.

My prints turned out really well I could feel my love for print making has returned but couldn’t wait for a whole week to print again so I took one of the screen home for more printing, I experiment on some hand made paper I made which I made when I was in art school and even print on a shopping bag as well.




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