Welcome to my blog, I am an artist live and work in Toronto, Canada. On this blog I want to share some of my arts, ideas and my life as an artist in the city.


Thank you for your visit


Alfred Ng

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    Do you have a studio? How can I buy your art? A friend gave me a beautiful papercut out of a butterfly, framed in a shadow box style of frame from Ikea. It was made my a Korean artist who is no longer creating/selling her work. I’ve always admired it.

    I would like to buy a similar piece or have one made for a very good friend of mine. Her birthday is at the end of March. She is the minister at my church and has been going through a very tough time. She’s starting to heal now so a butterfly would be very symbolic of the journey she has taken over the past 6 weeks.

    Not sure if you can help me but if you could get back to me, that would be great.





  2. I would like to print your pictures on some cards I am giving to family and friends, but wanted to do so with your permission. How can I reach you to discuss?

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