A painting a day #26 ” tulip with green’

  Well we had our first snow of the year yesterday which made me thought of the long months of winter ahead:  I thought it will be at least six more months before I see the tulips in bloom at … Continue reading

A painting a day #25 ” Crimson in autumn”

  As soon as the weather turn cool all the leaves are changed to different colors.  Even the most common ones had turned into red, crimson, orange and yellow. watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabrinao paper, 12’x10″

A painting a day #24 ” yellow glow”



My daily painting #24 are these exquisite yellow lilies, they came from a neighbor’s garden near our house. She  has many special flowers whenever I pass by her house I had to stop to admire her beautiful garden and the lilies deserved a special mention.

watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabriano paper, 11″x8.5″




art of the moving water

  One of my latest fascinations is to watch the moving water at the river near where I live. I spent lots of time watch the running water moving over the rocks and no matter how many photos I had … Continue reading

A painting a day #23 “Autumn Anemone”

  With the autumn in full force the trees are keep losing their leaves and most of the flowers in the gardens had gone. However the Japanese Anemone are still blooming,  the tiny white flowers made a welcome appearance. original … Continue reading

A painting a day #22 “Golden Brugmansia”

Early this week I visited a local greenhouse ( Allan gardens0 in Toronto and was delighted to see the Brugmansia tree was in blooms with many flowers. I love the trumpet shape blooms and with the sunlight they were like … Continue reading

A painting a day #21 “Rouge river in Autumn”

    During the fall, I love going to the Rouge Valley which is not far from where I live. Usually I go during the week in the afternoon and almost never ran into any one. It was like my … Continue reading

A painting a day #20 “autumn leaves in water”

  We had had some beautiful autumn days lately, I love the colorful leaves everywhere.  One of the places I visit often is the Rouge Valley in Toronto which is not far from where I live.  The colorful leaves in … Continue reading

A painting a day #19 ” Mountains in the mist”

    Today’s painting is a little different from the others, it is done in the style of the Chinese ink painting. I used a limited colors to create that misty look. watercolor on arches cold press paper, 9.5″x10″.