A day in the life of a grasshopper

  Since I was a young boy, I love observe the insects like bee, butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers. I admire their freedom to move around and without being notice. My latest painting, “a day in the life of a grasshopper” … Continue reading

Midnight blue with white

I love painting white flowers in watercolor because one mostly using the whiteness from the paper with the many shades of greys. I particularly like the combination of blue and white. Here is my latest watercolor of the white phalaenopsis … Continue reading

Dragonfly visit

  Since I was a young boy I love to watch dragonflies, I love how they fly around the water its tiny transparent wings catch the sunlight. Silently they made each landing with no effect at all. I would spent … Continue reading

Falling for Autumn

  This year’s autumn colors is so spectacular I am totally captured by its beauty. Almost everywhere I look, the leaves are in different stages of changing colors. here are my two latest watercolor paintings inspired by the autumn colors. … Continue reading