My treasure print

This morning I was down at the basement looking for stuff to use for my lino printing and by chance I found an old exhibition catalog: it was for an exhibition at the AGO called inprint’76 which was a group show by the top Canadian print makers at the time.

I remember our art class went to see the exhibit leaded by our print making teacher Ed Bartram who is well known for his color landscape etchings. He has a couple of his prints in this exhibition. ( I think I picked up this catalog at at used book sale).

When I was looking at this catalog then one page caught me by surprise, on page 67 is a print by Pierre- Leon Tetresult tiled “symphone vesperale pour” which had been hanging on my wall for years!

Shortly after I graduated from Art College and landed my first job a former school mate and I was in Yorkville gallery area we saw a print sale sign at the Mira Godard gallery and we decided to check it out.

Half an hour later both left with our newly purchase prints, I brought two prints by Pierre- Leon Tetresult and one by Larry Rivers. Although not knowing Mr. Tetresult but I love the playfulness and colors of his prints..I think I paid $300 in total for the three prints.

Thanks for the internet now I learn more about this artist and still treasure my prints.


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