It takes money to makes art

fun with cash

Recently, for a commissioned painting my client paid me with cash. He paid the full amount with brand new $100 bills. As I looked at those bills I was attracted by the colors and design and each one is a hologram image. They are the new plastic bills.
This got me thinking,: now a day with credit, debit card, pay pal, and online banking I hardly handle cash any more. I decided to have some fun with those bills, I went to the bank and exchange for more bills, $5 and $10s and started to play around with them, make them into paper sculpture and took photos of them.

Oh, I felt so rich!
the color of money


When artist got a cold

kingfisher revisit

As the autumn moving in with the sudden cold air many are getting sick. Yesterday, as soon as I got up somehow I didn’t feel my normal self and realized I came down with a cold. Instead of take it easy and get more rest, I decided to work on my painting in spite of it. By the time the painting was finished my cold was all but gone. The power of art!
Kingfisher revisit, watercolor on Arches paper, 22”x14”