A week of roses

Although I panted many flower paintings however I rarely paint roses because it is not my favorites flower and there are countess paintings of roses out there already. However it was an email changed my view on painting on rose:

Last week, a woman email me on a rose painting which I had upload on the web, she told me she been watching my paintings I post for sale and that rose painting, for her was the most beautiful. Although she could not afford my works but she wanted to say thank you for all the pleasure have given her.
Her email really touches me and made me rethink about roses. I devoted a whole week last week to paint nothing but roses, each day I would finished one and today is last day of my week long rose project. I hope with these will bring more pleasure to her and other rose lovers. All seven paintings are watercolor on arches paper, 10″x14″

autumn rose 10x14 s

yellow rose 9x12 s

rose in pink 10x14 s

the scent of rose s

september rose 10x14 s

white rose 11x14 s

rose of the day 10x14 s


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