Taking photo brings the world closer

coneflowers with pink
I have this habit of taking photos to pass time while waiting for the buses. This morning, I just sat down on the park bench near the bus stop waiting for my bus.. A middle age woman came over and sat next to me. In front of us was some colorful flowers planted by the nearby church.
I took my camera out about to focus my camera for a shot. The woman next to me cried out “I took the same shot earlier!” She then took out her phone and showed me what she has taken.
I stopped my photo taking in order to look at her photos. All of sudden, this woman I had never meet in my life was talking and laughing with me like old friends. She said she thought she was the only one doing it. I told her I do it all the time and whenever I start to take photos the bus would arrive. Before I even finish my sentence our bus has arrived.

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