What makes me happy?

Early this year, while visit my local greenhouse, I notice they were replacing some of the flowering plants which has already past its prime. On top of the pile of discarded plants ready for the compost were some cyclamen.
I love cyclamen,  its flowers remind me of butterfly. I tried to grow them indoor but with no luck, they usually die after finished blooming. Except one which I had kept for years and constantly produces bloom for me. Sadly, one year when I went away for a month long trip and had my father look after my plants and my long live cyclamen die from over watering.
I took two of the discarded cyclamen home and replotted in a large pot. It grows well by my window and bloom for a couple of month. When the weather became warmer, I hang my cyclamen on the pear tree in our backyard garden.
With all the rains we had this year, I hardly needed to water it. Yesterday, when I check on it was surprised and delighted to discover it produced one single bloom!

cyclamen flower

cyclamen flower


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