A painting a day #27 ” Autumn Chrysanthemum”

The last ten days I been helping my friend Stephen to sell his puppets at the “One of a kind show”. He been making and selling his puppets ( Diabolo puppets) at this show for 23 years and have a … Continue reading

A painting a day #25 ” Crimson in autumn”

  As soon as the weather turn cool all the leaves are changed to different colors.  Even the most common ones had turned into red, crimson, orange and yellow. watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabrinao paper, 12’x10″

A painting a day #23 “Autumn Anemone”

  With the autumn in full force the trees are keep losing their leaves and most of the flowers in the gardens had gone. However the Japanese Anemone are still blooming,  the tiny white flowers made a welcome appearance. original … Continue reading

A painting a day # 4 “Autumn Colours”

  It been beautiful here with the Autumn colours: the gardens still have plenty of blooming flowers. The Zinnia and Dahlias produce much of the warm colors in the gardens which attracting the butterflies. I like how both of the … Continue reading

Some days my stars all lined up

Yesterday morning, I got an email from one of the art sites I belong to as I sold a greeting card. later, I returned home and found out I sold a original painting at the other site. Better still, a confirmation email from a TV channel it wants to do a feature on me.

watercolor on paper 23"x23"

watercolor on paper 23″x23″

In the evening, one of my watercolors was chosen as the banner for a group I belong  on facebook. I went to bed feeling it been a rather eventful day.

wish upon the butterfly

Got up this morning was surprised to see the unusual number of emails I had over night. Most was about one photo I  upload on flickr, A photo I titled “winter berries” received many thousands views and comments: as it turned out it was feature on Flickr’s explore page. Then another email for another greeting card sold to the same buyer from yesterday!

winter berries

After lunch I went to mail my painting as I came out from the post office was stopped by the local TV station and interviewed for my opinion on the city’s plan on building subway in my area.

One last email, from the watercolor society the confirmed date for my workshop been sat.( last month out of the blue I was invited to do a master workshop for their members even I don’t anyone in it).


Dragonfly visit

  Since I was a young boy I love to watch dragonflies, I love how they fly around the water its tiny transparent wings catch the sunlight. Silently they made each landing with no effect at all. I would spent … Continue reading

Falling for Autumn

  This year’s autumn colors is so spectacular I am totally captured by its beauty. Almost everywhere I look, the leaves are in different stages of changing colors. here are my two latest watercolor paintings inspired by the autumn colors. … Continue reading