The German Architecture in Qingdao, China

German architectureGerman architecutre

Qingdao is the most EuropeanChineseCity I had traveled to, especially with its architecture. It was a former Germany colony and the first European colony in China. Although it was to be a rather short stay for the German occupiers (for thirty three years up to 1949) but it left a distinct mark on Qingdao. They planned and built the first streets, a railroad and made improvements to the harbor, safe drinking water and institutions of the city we see today. They would also continue to establish their Christian presence through the construction of churches. They were able to construct a brewery, the world-famous Tsingtao Brewery. Many German period buildings in the old town area been preserved as Qingdao heritage are major attraction for tourists.

german architecturegerman architecturegerman architecturegerman architecturegerman architecturegerman architecture




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