It takes money to makes money

money paper cutUntitled-Scanned-02

Last year, I got a half five dollar bill as change while shopping. I didn’t realize until I got home. L figured it was useless just put it away.

When I was preparing my arts for last weekend art fair I came across that half five dollar bill again. Instead of thinking I was cheated I decided to use it to make art. .

This year at the art fair, I was showing my recycled art from coffee cups, shopping bags and boxes I collected from the recycle bins. I thought that half five dollar would fit right in with the recycle theme. I made a paper cut of a loon which is a Canadian icon and it is on the dollar coin and Canadian dollar often called Lonnie. I was quite happy this tiny 3”x3” money paper cut turned out and I sandwich it with two pieces of glass and put in a 6”x6” frame I made with corner frame samples I saved.

It was one of the first arts I sold at the art fair. An American tourist loves my recycled arts and my story behind that half five dollar bill. I made a great return on that half five dollar bill, better than any investment promised by Bernie Madoff


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