Paper Architecture

When I was in Art College, one of my majors was print-making. I study etching, lithography and silkscreen. Every terms I have to produce an edition print with no less than 25 prints and every prints has to be exactly the same from number one to number 25. I sent countless hours working in the print studio. I enjoy the end result of the images created by inks and paper. On my graduate year, my hard work paid off, I was awarded the outstanding print maker of the year. However, as soon as left college my print making career was ended as well

paper architecture 2

art on paper

art on paper

I was busy to earn a living and to pay back my student loan and making print was the last thing Ion my mind. There was not much outlets to sell my prints or jobs for a print maker. The closest job for a print maker was silk screen t-shirt printer.

art on paper

For years, I kept most of those prints in my parent’s basement. All together I think I must have at least a couple hundred prints. Later, I moved out from home into my own apartment. I was too poor to purchase some blinds for my windows; I turned some of my prints into window blinds. Years later, some friends still comment on the beautiful hand-printed window blinds I had.

art on paper

art on paper

Last year, an idea came to me; I started to take some of those prints out of my parents’ basement and gave them a new life.  I turned them into paper architecture.

art on paper


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