Tulips to save the day

  I find March is a difficult month for me as I looking forward for the spring arrival  however  the temperature outside remind me winter still in charge. This Monday, I woke up to another grey day and the sun … Continue reading

A painting a day #30 “center of attraction”

It is a bitterly cold winter day here which made me think of the spring tulips. it will be at least six more months to  the tulips in my garden  I painted this watercolor to cheer myself up. Hope you … Continue reading

A painting a day #29 “Tulip festival”

  The tulip festival in Ottawa attracts many flower lovers from all over.  Although I been to Ottawa many times but never when the festival was on. Only a few years ago, I was lucky to catch it. Everywhere there … Continue reading

A painting a day #26 ” tulip with green’

  Well we had our first snow of the year yesterday which made me thought of the long months of winter ahead:  I thought it will be at least six more months before I see the tulips in bloom at … Continue reading

A painting a day #14 “Radiance”



It been one of those nasty Autumn day, dark , cold, rain with strong wind even threat of snow. I stayed home all day and in order to bright up my day, I worked on this painting, “Radiance” on 140 lb cold press Fabriano paper, 10″x8″




A painting a day # 6 “Tulips garden”

https://www.artfinder.com/manage/alfred-ng/product/a-painting-a-day-6-tulips-garden/ During the spring, everywhere I see are those beautiful tulips in parks and gardens. I especially love when they have the same type of tulips in large groups. it was a slight to behold. watercolor on 140lb Arches rough … Continue reading

Christmas gift from a gardener

parrot tulips

My friend Giuseppe is a former opera singer turn opera coach and director. He is also a passionate gardener. Every spring, he plants and rearranges his massive garden as always he impresses us all with the most glorious display of plants and blooming flowers. Friends would visit him to see his amazing garden and greenhouse. He never disappoints us, always come up with the most unusual color combination which ones never expected.
It was him who introduced me to the wonder of parrot tulips. He panted many of them all over his garden. I love the wild combination of red and green and the unusual petals. One Christmas, he surprised me with a bag of tulip bulbs and told me it was the parrot tulips.
When the ground was soft enough in spring, I planted them and then forgot about it. No flower appears that year.
However when next spring came, flower buds appeared after the leaves became taller. Every evening, soon after I arrived home I would head to the backyard to check on its progress.
On a warm spring day, my parrot tulips open, it was the most glorious sight with the dashing colors under the evening light. My gift of the parrot tulips makes their appearance very springs and I always thankful for this wonderful gift from a good friend and a great gardener.

April Snow and Spring Tulips

pink tulips

Yes, we have snow here in April! We had a winter storm yesterday, first was the freezing rain then snow, it seems like winter just refuses to leave. I guess spring will have to wait. I painted this tulip watercolor hoping the real ones will come soon.

watercolor on paper, 8″x10″