Farewell to the SRT

watercolor on paper, 18"x22"

watercolor on paper, 18″x22″

For twenty years, I travel from my east end home to my downtown studio daily. I first took the bus then the SRT (Scarborough rapid transit, an above ground train) and then the subway which take an hour and half. Every morning, I armed with newspapers, books to well use my travel time. Some days I even work on my drawings while on it.
Although the SRT is only little more than twenty years old, it has many problems with constant break- downs, delays and over crowed, especially during the winter. When it happens, a normal 20 minutes ride would turned into an hour or longer.

Just to avoid all those unforeseen problems, I would raise extra early in the winter when the sky was still dark to get there early.
However, my daily routine has been changed since I relocated my studio back home, no more getting up early, waiting in the frizzing cold the trains any more.
Here is my watercolor painting: “Farewell to the SRT”, 18”X22”

Moving my Paintings on the Public Transit

I never learn to drive and live in the city, I use the public transit everywhere. Whenever I decide on a show to exhibit my art, public transit is part of my consideration. I avoid all those shows too far or too difficult to get to.
Two of my watercolor paper cut paintings was accepted into the OCADU (Ontario of Art and Design University) Alumni Exhibition at the Gladstone hotel. One of the reasons I enter was the location was easy for me to get there with my framed paintings. There is a streetcar stop just steps from my studio which would take me right in front of the hotel.

getting ready
Mid morning the traffic was light and there was plenty of empty seats on the streetcar, fifteen minutes later, I was right in front of the hotel.
I was given a catalogue of the show; When I checked on the list of artists and was surprised none of the people from my graduating year was in. I don’t know any of the artists in the show!

my paintings