Street food in Qingdao China

Eating is more than a way of life; it is a national passion here in China. Everywhere there are foods for sell and to consume. With that reason, there are plenty interesting street foods here in Qingdao. Being a coastal city Qingdao is known for its seafood it reflected in the street foods as well

Along the beaches and the busy street corners one of the common sights is street foods vendors with their bicycle carts. One thing I noticed they are more relaxed than the ones in Beijing. The vendors are more aggressive not only calling out for your attention also treats you as a challenge to make sure you will buy from them. One almost need to keep repeating no and walk fast to escape from them.

Here are some common street foods in Qingdao:

grilled octopus  streamed crabs

Grilled Squids, because being a coastal city Qingdao has plenty of squids and they are an inexpensive snack.

stinky tofu

green onion pan cakes s

Stinky tofu, although they smell bad, in fact this fermented, deep fried tofu is rather tasty.

 candied hawrhorn

candied fruit seller

Candied Hawthorn: hawthorn is similar to the crab apple; candied Hawthorn is a popular snack food popular in Northern China. It usually sells on a skewered bamboo stick covered with hardened sugar syrup. I also seen candied kiwi and yam offered as well.

Roasted sweet potato.

They are inexpensive and very popular

Roasted chestnut:This one is my favorite Chinese Roasted chestnuts are roasted in hot gravel.