Not the Ikea Monkey

As I mentioned at my last post, some of my bags make over had in-jokes.  Usually, i use image either play along with the name of that store or the image/logo on it.

Here are two bags both from Starbucks coffee, the first one with a large Mermaid logo on the bag. I cut out a loon next to it and part of the logo became the loon and the grass around it. The loon is also a Canadian symbol it appears on our dollar coin. In Canada the name loonie often refers as a dollar or as whole the Canadian dollar. When Starbucks first came to Canadian market, one could buy a small coffee for a dollar however time has changed we need two dollar to get one now. So this Loon with the Mermaid is about our Canadian dollar going south to the mermaid/Starbucks.

loon with the mermaid


The second Starbucks bag is a Monkey: I got the idea to use the monkey because recently a woman in Toronto went shopping with her pet monkey at an Ikea store. When she was inside her Monkey got out from her car and was found wandering at the parking lot. The bystanders called animal control and they took away her monkey. The Toronto by law prohibits her to keep her monkey and she been trying to get her monkey back through the court since. She and her monkey has became rather famous on the web and the monkey been called the Ikea Monkey.

Starbucks shopping bag

Starbucks shopping bag

Last week, all day the radio was reporting on her court case with her Ikea monkey which gave me the idea of using the monkey for this bag.( so far the judge still would not let her have her monkey )


Shop Nothing

Before I started the “shopping bags make over” project I used to constantly going to the art supply stores. There always paints, paper, brushes or canvases I needed to get. Every year, after Christmas I would take advantage of the post Christmas sale and would spent a consider amount for art supplies.

guess who's sleeping on your back

However, this year I haven’t been spending any money at all. All the shopping bags I used had come from the shopping mall near me. If one seeing me leaving the mall might think I had been shopping with a large shopping bag in my hand. In fact, they are discarded in the recycled bins. More than once, I even found money in those bags. Mind you, they were just small changes but still they are monies never the less.

Michael Kor bag make over


Tomorrow, “From shopping bags to shoppers behavior”