paper cut from a unsatisfying watercolor painting

last year, I painted a watercolor painting of a white cattleya orchid but it was not satisfy with the result and then put it away for months. later I pull out the painting to look at it but was still … Continue reading

A painting a day 5 “Ruffled beauty”

Today’s painting is another orchid: a cattleya orchid, I like the ruffled edge on the petals and the bright pink and yellow in the center. Watercolor on 140lb Arches rough paper, 12″x10″ I upload my daily painting on artfinder and … Continue reading

A painting a day #2 “Backlit Orchid”

  My painting of today is from my orchid collection. I specially like the yellow ones and have a few of them in my collections. This one usually blooms in the early winter. watercolor on  140lb Arches rough watercolor paper, … Continue reading

Labor day celebration

Yesterday was labor day but as a full time artist  I think it was more about a day to celebrate of not being in the work force. However I spent the day “working” and finished another painting: a labor of … Continue reading

Midnight blue with white

I love painting white flowers in watercolor because one mostly using the whiteness from the paper with the many shades of greys. I particularly like the combination of blue and white. Here is my latest watercolor of the white phalaenopsis … Continue reading

Orchid fever

I love orchids and grow some in my studio. During the winter, some are in bloom, I just had to paint them. Here is another step by step how the painting came to completion.

wip pink orchid s

orchid f s

orchid with pinks s

orchid day 3

orchid day 3 final s


50 shades of grey in Watercolor

I just having fun with the title of my latest watercolor but seriously in watercolor  painting whites basically you are painting many shade of greys. The painting is inspired from one of my blooming white orchids. watercolor on arches paper, … Continue reading

Art imitating life

  Last night, while in bed I look over at my blooming orchid by the window. An idea came to me: often, I use my orchids as my subject for photos and painting. It would be fun to take photos … Continue reading