a painting a day #28 “spring magnolia”

I love the magnolia flower, for me they are the sign of spring arrival.  During the spring the trees are covered with the large blossoms, some of the older trees often reached to over 20 feet. it was the sky covered with the white and pink blossoms.

original transparent watercolor on 140 lb Arches rough paper, 10″x8″


Painting for Mothers day

painting for Mothers Day

magnolia painting for my mother

magnolia painting for my mother

I painted this magnolias painting as my mother’s present for my mom. When I saw the new Canadian magnolia stamps, right away think of my mother.

The Chinese name for Magnolia is (Mulan) jade orchid or tree/wood orchid and my mother’s name is jade in Chinese. The Disney movie Mulan was base on a Chinese Legend Mulan, a beautiful young woman dressed as a young man to take her father’s place to flight the war. Knowing her elderly father would not able to survive if he went.  In Chinese culture, magnolia symbolizes the beauty and strength of a woman.

 My mother is a true example of Mulan, she experience much hardship when she was young but she able to kept her dignity through out. She is like a beautiful magnolia blooms after the hard cold winter.

Watercolor on paper, 10”x10”

Waiting for Spring

Although the streets are still covered with snow from the last snow fall and it is still very cold here in Toronto. I noticed there seem to be still light in evenings when I going home. I have been thinking about the approaching spring and looking forward to see the magnolias in bloom again. There is an old magnolia tree near my studio which produces white blossoms unlike the more common pink ones. Every year, I would make sure not to miss the opportunity to see its beauty in full bloom.

white magnolia

Here is one of my paintings inspired by the white magnolia, watercolor on paper, 16”x20”.