My treasure print

This morning I was down at the basement looking for stuff to use for my lino printing and by chance I found an old exhibition catalog: it was for an exhibition at the AGO called inprint’76 which was a group … Continue reading

Many shades of white

My I love painting white flowers with watercolor because in watercolor white paint is not used instead the whites came from the paper itself. Painting whites one really just painting the shadows and reflected colors. Here is my latest  “Double … Continue reading

My sold painting was returned and unclaimed

I sold an original painting through an art site just before Christmas. The next day I sent out the painting and later I checked the post office has tried to deliver but no one home to receive it, a notice was left. I thought the buyer might be away for the holiday then After the 15 day return period over I was paid so I didn’t think much about it Then last month, I got a notice from the post office a package was on hold for me: to my surprise it was my sold painting. Their explanation was, after holding it for more than a month no one has claim the package it was return to me. ( I paid for the return shipping charge).
Right away I sent out an email to the buyer but no reply and then I called and left a message still no respond. Another month gone by still no respond from this buyer,.
This is the first for me, make me wonder what ever happened to the buyer if he still alive?

watercolor painting

watercolor painting



Some days my stars all lined up

Yesterday morning, I got an email from one of the art sites I belong to as I sold a greeting card. later, I returned home and found out I sold a original painting at the other site. Better still, a confirmation email from a TV channel it wants to do a feature on me.

watercolor on paper 23"x23"

watercolor on paper 23″x23″

In the evening, one of my watercolors was chosen as the banner for a group I belong  on facebook. I went to bed feeling it been a rather eventful day.

wish upon the butterfly

Got up this morning was surprised to see the unusual number of emails I had over night. Most was about one photo I  upload on flickr, A photo I titled “winter berries” received many thousands views and comments: as it turned out it was feature on Flickr’s explore page. Then another email for another greeting card sold to the same buyer from yesterday!

winter berries

After lunch I went to mail my painting as I came out from the post office was stopped by the local TV station and interviewed for my opinion on the city’s plan on building subway in my area.

One last email, from the watercolor society the confirmed date for my workshop been sat.( last month out of the blue I was invited to do a master workshop for their members even I don’t anyone in it).

Art imitating life

  Last night, while in bed I look over at my blooming orchid by the window. An idea came to me: often, I use my orchids as my subject for photos and painting. It would be fun to take photos … Continue reading

Dancing on the square


belly dancing

There is a large square in front of the St. Joseph Cathedral in Beijing: one afternoon as I approaching I could hear rather unusual music playing, it sound Middle Eastern. As I getting close I could see a small crowd gather at one corner, to my surprise a Chinese woman in sunglasses and dress in a colorful costumes was doing a belly dance! The crowds seem to enjoy her performance I watch her for a while took some photos then go on my way.
Later, I discovered, there always some activities going on at the square, from early in the morning till late at night. it could be groups of men playing chess, wedding parties using the cathedral as backdrop for wedding photos.
One afternoon a young man was there lip synching, dancing with an empty water bottle, as he was rehearing for an singing contest

lip synching
At night, it was even more interesting; two groups of dancers, one of mainly middle age man and women, doing the slow ball room dancing. The other was a group of young guys doing a combination of hip hop with break dance. They seem to respect each others’ spaces with an invisible line separated the two at the middle of the square. Both had their own music (big band music for the slow dancers and hip hop for the young guys) they were illumined by the moonlight above and lights from the billboard across the street.

dancing on the squarehip hop dancing

When artist got a cold

kingfisher revisit

As the autumn moving in with the sudden cold air many are getting sick. Yesterday, as soon as I got up somehow I didn’t feel my normal self and realized I came down with a cold. Instead of take it easy and get more rest, I decided to work on my painting in spite of it. By the time the painting was finished my cold was all but gone. The power of art!
Kingfisher revisit, watercolor on Arches paper, 22”x14”

My book, lost and found

last and found

I always interested in architecture, about twenty yeas ago I found a book, “Toronto carved in stone” which full with interesting facts on the historical buildings of Toronto. I took it to work and showed it to my then co-worker, another designer. She was as excited as I was and asked to borrow it among other books I had brought in. That was the last time I ever seen those books again. Although she mentioned a few times she still has my books and meant to bring them back to me, somehow I knew she has no intention to return them. Eventually, both of us left the company and we lost contact.
Ten years ago, at one of my art opening she showed up. I was surprised and happy to see her. We catch up to what we been doing since we left the company. She has remarried and brought her young son to my show. After some more small talk she brought up the books she still has and I could tell she has been feeling guilty of the non return books. In order to erase her guilt, I told her not to worry but to keep the books.
The last twenty years, whenever I in a used book store I would look for my missing book but always left empty hand. My book has long been out of print since I brought it and became hard to find. Later, I found a copy on the web but the price was expensive. The last time I check it was selling for $132 on Amazon.
Today, I happened in the university campus area and saw the banners of its book sale. I went in and was not expecting to find my long lost book in a perfect condition, signed by the authors for $5!