“On the watch”, watercolor painting

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I finally finished this painting “on the watch” a week ago but somehow forgotten to post it here. I posted it on my facebook page and got many likes and comments, one even suggested to make into a puzzles!

here is the finished version, watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabriano paper, 14″x12″


on the watch framed


A painting a day #27 ” Autumn Chrysanthemum”

The last ten days I been helping my friend Stephen to sell his puppets at the “One of a kind show”. He been making and selling his puppets ( Diabolo puppets) at this show for 23 years and have a … Continue reading

A painting a day #26 ” tulip with green’

  Well we had our first snow of the year yesterday which made me thought of the long months of winter ahead:  I thought it will be at least six more months before I see the tulips in bloom at … Continue reading

A painting a day #18 “cabbage white butterfly”

  Our garden seems to attracted a lots of cabbage white butterflies: they made great color contract against the blue and white convoluvlus flower with the green leaves. watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabriano paper, 10″x8″.

A painting a day #13 “lily with blues”

  I take lots of photos during the year especially spring and summer when beautiful flowers are every where.  Some of my neighbors on my street are great gardeners. whenever I walk by their gardens I would stop and snap … Continue reading

A painting a day # 4 “Autumn Colours”

  It been beautiful here with the Autumn colours: the gardens still have plenty of blooming flowers. The Zinnia and Dahlias produce much of the warm colors in the gardens which attracting the butterflies. I like how both of the … Continue reading

A day in the life of a grasshopper

  Since I was a young boy, I love observe the insects like bee, butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers. I admire their freedom to move around and without being notice. My latest painting, “a day in the life of a grasshopper” … Continue reading

Expensive paint

During the springtime, I took photos of a tree peony in bloom and the flowers were an unusual shade of pinkish violet.. I decided to use as my next painting, however I could mix the color to match that color. … Continue reading