A painting a day #24 ” yellow glow”



My daily painting #24 are these exquisite yellow lilies, they came from a neighbor’s garden near our house. She  has many special flowers whenever I pass by her house I had to stop to admire her beautiful garden and the lilies deserved a special mention.

watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabriano paper, 11″x8.5″




A painting a day #23 “Autumn Anemone”

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A painting a day # 6 “Tulips garden”

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still life with pear

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Dragonfly visit

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My mother’s bitter melon

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My Laser hands

bottle squash with grasshopper s

I post my latest work, another dis-constructive watercolor ( a combination of watercolor and paper cut) on my flickr account this morning and received a comment: “this is very interesting art, is it laser cut?”

it made me laugh, so I replied “yes, my own laser ( my hand) lol.

I guess I might need to explain how I make them each time I upload one.

Here is today dis-constructive watercolor, “bottle squash with grasshopper”, watercolor with paper cut, 16″x14″. The squash is from my mother’s garden.

Dis-constructive Watercolor


green tomatos with  grasshopper

Ever since I combined my watercolors with paper cut. I haven’t gone back to straight painting. I showed some of them at a art fair early in month and received wonderful and positive respond. Now, whenever I finished a watercolor I would look for area to add the cut out elements. Often the thinking and cutting would take double or even triple the time of painting. I even came up a name of my new hybrid art “Dis-constructive watercolor”!.