painting on hand made flower paper

While working at the “One of a kind show” I found one booth ” Hazeltree press & paper”  selling  hand-made paper made with actual flowers. When I was in art school, I took classes in paper making so I understood … Continue reading

A painting a day #26 ” tulip with green’

  Well we had our first snow of the year yesterday which made me thought of the long months of winter ahead:  I thought it will be at least six more months before I see the tulips in bloom at … Continue reading

A painting a day #22 “Golden Brugmansia”

Early this week I visited a local greenhouse ( Allan gardens0 in Toronto and was delighted to see the Brugmansia tree was in blooms with many flowers. I love the trumpet shape blooms and with the sunlight they were like … Continue reading

A painting a day #15 “Nun’s orchid”

Today’s painting is another orchid: ‘Nun’s Orchid” I first came across these orchid at Allan gardens, Toronto and wonder about the origin of the name. After some research it is named for its hooded part of the flowers. These plants originally came to the North America from China during the eighteenth century. This attractive orchid is adaptable and easy to maintain.


original watercolor on 140lb Fabriano cold press paper, 15″x10″



The many lives of my cyclamen plant

I have this Cyclamen plant which I rescued from the compost pile at Allan Gardens in Toronto a few years ago. Once I got home I planted it in a pot with fresh soil and placed at the north facing … Continue reading

A painting a day 5 “Ruffled beauty”

Today’s painting is another orchid: a cattleya orchid, I like the ruffled edge on the petals and the bright pink and yellow in the center. Watercolor on 140lb Arches rough paper, 12″x10″ I upload my daily painting on artfinder and … Continue reading

Labor day celebration

Yesterday was labor day but as a full time artist  I think it was more about a day to celebrate of not being in the work force. However I spent the day “working” and finished another painting: a labor of … Continue reading