A year of MAC shopping bag make over

cat and mouse from MAC smac catMAC Loon s

It was a year ago; I started to use shopping bags to make art:
Last Christmas I went to the shopping mall, Eaton Center which is near my studio to take photos of the Christmas display. When I was there, I noticed shoppers would discard their shopping bags as soon as they exit the stores.
An idea came to me to give them a new life, I gather a handful of the bags and used for my paper cutting.
With each bag I would incorporated my design with their logo and some are my favors because of their logo.
One of them is the MAC Cosmetic bag with the yellow inside which really add a glow to my finished paper cut. I always get excited whenever finding the MAC bag in the garbage bins.

Here is a little review of my MAC bags make over from last year.

mac girlmac lotusowl

Shopping bags made over update

Mac Bageagle within a eagle


My shopping bags made over are working very well. I picked up more shopping bags over the weekend at Eaton Centre (a huge shopping mall near me). I even email my finished made over two stores which the bags I used. I got very positive responds from them. One even posts my image on their home page!

Here is two of my latest ones. The first one is from American Eagle Outfitters. . I cut out a Eagle to incorporated into their existing logo. It is like a eagle within a eagle.

The second is from MAC Cosmetics, I was very excited because inside the bag is yellow so it works perfectly with my cat image.