Dis-Constructive Watercolor, step by step

I got few emails asked to explain how my paper cut watercolor was done. Here is the step by step explanation

 First I work on a watercolor painting and when it done, I would think about where to  add the second design elements with paper cut.This one of the grasshopper I wanted to add some more grass as the background. Although it is a small painting (8’x9″) but I wanted to challenge myself to do some very fine lines and details.

work in proges

The painting took about four hours but the cutting took about eight hours. The finish piece is a lot like a piece of lace. I took it out to the park near my studio for a photo.

out door with grasshopper

I am quite happy how it turned out, the white area are the mat board I use as backing. I could change to whatever color I wish.

grasshopper paper cut watercolor

I even have a name for my hybrid art “Dis-Constructive Watercolor”.

i have a number of frames in my studio. I found this handsome black frame which is more than inch deep and it was perfect for the grasshopper..I built up on the mat to about half inch thick which added extra distance between backing to create the shadow effects for this.

grasshopper framed

My Laser hands

bottle squash with grasshopper s

I post my latest work, another dis-constructive watercolor ( a combination of watercolor and paper cut) on my flickr account this morning and received a comment: “this is very interesting art, is it laser cut?”

it made me laugh, so I replied “yes, my own laser ( my hand) lol.

I guess I might need to explain how I make them each time I upload one.

Here is today dis-constructive watercolor, “bottle squash with grasshopper”, watercolor with paper cut, 16″x14″. The squash is from my mother’s garden.

Dis-constructive Watercolor


green tomatos with  grasshopper

Ever since I combined my watercolors with paper cut. I haven’t gone back to straight painting. I showed some of them at a art fair early in month and received wonderful and positive respond. Now, whenever I finished a watercolor I would look for area to add the cut out elements. Often the thinking and cutting would take double or even triple the time of painting. I even came up a name of my new hybrid art “Dis-constructive watercolor”!.