CoCo the rocks collector


coco the rocks collector

After five days of hospital stay, Michael was discharged from the hospital. Our original plan when I first arrive in Qingdao was travel to Shanghai during the national day holiday. However it needed to be canceled as the doctor’s order was to have plenty of rest and stay away from oily food for awhile.

  I was not too disappointed with the change of plan. While he was hospitalized I had get to really enjoy living at his apartment and it felt like my second home. I also enjoy making daily shopping and making the meals.

 October first national holiday is an important holiday day, many would take advantage for the seven days off to travel back home to visit families or travel to other cities.

Qingdao being a well known tourist destination was no exception. Over night, the city population has increased and all the tourist sites were packed with smiling faces and happy voices.

Michael received a call from a couple at his work and asked if he could look after their dog while they travel out of town. Coco is a Cocker Spaniel about seven years old. She is a lovable and well behaves dog; she loves to lie at the sunny spots and really enjoyed her company. She has an unusual habit as she loves to collects rocks. Whenever we took her out for a walk, she would pick up a rock and carry it in her mouth to bring home. She doesn’t just pick up any rocks, some she would walk by without stopping; eventually, she would found the one to her liking and she would keep it on her sleeping rug and lie next to it.

When it was the time for Coco returns to her owners she did not take her rocks with her. We kept them on the shelf for her next visit.

Coco paper cut

paper cut, 10″x11″


Reporting to the police

reporting to the police

Well before Michael could check in the hospital for his surgery we have more urgent matter to deal with. I needed to report to the local police! Foreigners like I, if not staying in a hotel but in local residence have to report to the local police within 24 hours. Since we been busy with Michael’s health matter we had neglected this. It been more than 36 hours since I landed in Qingdao I wondered what kind of troubles will await me at the police station?

During his lunch hour Michael and I with the address given by his assistant, we were heading to the police station with our passports and his apartment lease. Once we arrived then realized we also needed them photocopied as the police station do not provide with it.

Not knowing this area well, we had no idea where we could find a copy shop. We went in a internet café but it has on photo copier but I saw a real estate office and went in asked if they can make copies for us. The very nice young men were very nice not only they did it for us and refused to accept our money for it.

Back to the police station as we went but it was closed for lunch! (Most offices closed for lunch from an hour to two and the same with the government offices.)  The doorman asked us to sit and wait along with the others. We all waited patiently, with only the sound of the Chinese opera coming from the doorman’s portable radio to entertain us.

Finally, the glass door open and we all rush into the small office. But the female officer told us we were in the wrong police station!

With the new address given to us by the officer we finally reached our local police station. It was located in a small village but has a different lunch hour we needed to wait again.

It seems all the officers at the police station are female; I haven’t encountered a male one yet. The open counter has different sections for temperament, temporary and foreign residents.

I was surprised to see the officer for foreign resident was not in the same white uniform as the others but wearing a Hello Kitty T shirt! (She is pregnant with child) She able to speak little English and told us we needed to copy a page of Michael’s lease as well. Luckily, a small inn near the police station has a sign outside advising for photocopy.

The clerk made copy for us from an ancient copier for us. Back to the station but our Hello Kitty officer was busy doing other duties. She was instructing a family of four how to be photograph and finger printed (all five fingers) for the resident card.

While waiting for our turn again, I noticed she has a four stars service award at her counter which made me feel more at ease about my late reporting.  When all the paper works were done she merely reminded me next time I should report to them within 24 hours.

With the paper issued by her, I am officially can stay in China for my trip.