A book of three seasons

book art 1book art 2

During the recent move of my studio, I unearthed  some of my old art works which were  done my art school days. One of them were the little  booklets of how to use the school l library. One day, I found them outside the library in a boxful of them as discard. They are less than six inch square with twelve pages. I immediately attracted to them because of the size and picked up a large handful as not to let them end up in the landfill.

I created a different screen images for each page and  printed in one color except for the centerfold with two. My finished remade booklets were popular with my classmate which I had given most away.

book art 3book art 4

I was delighted to found the few remaining copies of the booklet  in my studio. Right away, I wanted to give it another make over.

My slow studio move took over six months started in winter, spring and into summer. During these times, each night after supper for relaxation I would work on my paper cut on the little booklet. Sometimes, I would worked on it few night in a row but then stopped for days or even week without  touching it.

Eventually when my move was done  I was able to finished the little booklet as well.

paper cut on book

paper cut on book


New life for my old art part 2

with white
During my art college years I enjoyed making art with found material. I always on the out look for material .One day, I discovered a boxful of small booklet discarded outside of the school library. The booklet was about how to use the library and how to reach the members of the staff which about 5” square with 12 pages.
I took a handful of the booklet and use them for my screen printing. on each page I made a separate screen for it.
Recently, I came across those made-over library booklets I started to adding paper cutting on each pages because each page with different color and design it keep one wanted to turn the page to see the next layer. the design for this page was inspired by William Morris. ( I place a sheet of white paper behind for better photo)

full color