The chance encounter

My latest watercolor, “the chance encounter” 12″x16″. At first I was planning to do a portrait of the Jack Russell but mid- way through the painting, an idea came to me by adding a butterfly.  I choose the monarch butterfly … Continue reading

Animals in art

When I was a teenager I was very into drawing and painting birds and animals. Everyday, after school I head to the local museum, using the displays of animals and birds as my model for my painting. Pretty soon, the … Continue reading

A trbute to freedom of speech and to the people of France

A tribute to freedom of speech and the people of France: In Japanese culture, dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness, Watercolor, 10”x15”

I am an accidental daily painter


cat  in watercolor

I used to paint large paintings and some work would take days, weeks or month to complete.  The idea of able to finished a painting a day it just seem impossible to me. Last month, I decided to paint some smaller works for a change and discovered it is rather relaxing and fun. I set my painting size around 8”x10” all painted in watercolor. Most of the days, I could finished at least two per day and I would go home and satisfy and happy of what I had done. I guess I am an accidental daily painter. This one is my latest a cat portrait, watercolor on paper, 8.5”x10”.

If anyone is interested you can see more of them on my face book page.