paper cut from a unsatisfying watercolor painting

last year, I painted a watercolor painting of a white cattleya orchid but it was not satisfy with the result and then put it away for months. later I pull out the painting to look at it but was still not too happy with it.
I decided to turn it into a abstract painting by adding color washes over the white area. Although I like the result but somehow I thought it was lacking somethingĀ  of interests in the work.

Finally, last month I decided to use this abstract watercolor as the base of my paper cut. During the month of April we had lots of rains and I was home a lot somehow the staying indoor gave me the extra focus to work on this paper cut.

I had an idea of a woman profile and surrounded with lilies and butterflies which all within the shape of the orchid. all those interact elements took many days to cut but I was rally enjoy the process.
the over all size is 18″x20″


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