Tulips to save the day


I find March is a difficult month for me as I looking forward for the spring arrival  however  the temperature outside remind me winter still in charge.

This Monday, I woke up to another grey day and the sun was nowhere to be found. Later, the grey sky turned even darker and then started to rain. in stead of to finishing off the painting I almost finish the day before, all of sudden I lost all my motivation! I didn’t feel like painting.

In order to get myself out of this mood I start look through some of the photos I been thinking to use for my future paintings. my eyes settled on one I took last year, it was a photo of the tulips in the garden.  I picked up my pencil thinking at least I would draw the outlines onto the paper maybe I would paint it tomorrow.

Next thing I know, I started to wet the paper and started to paint and then for the nest few hours I completely lost myself into the painting. At the end of the day not only I had finished the painting and I had turn the otherwise non-productive day into a positive one.

watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabriano paper 14″x12″


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