Dream of Christmas shipping

Last week I sold a painting to a buyer through Artfinder . I sent it out using Xpresspost from Canada post and it turned out the expected arrival date was December 24. Usually I insurance my painting for the full amount but was told the maximum amount allowed is $100. I thought it was odd but not much I could do but took the chance at the end.

On Dec. 23 I had a dream: in my dream I went to the post office to check on my package and found it has not left the office and still sitting at the holding area. I was very upset about the situation so I took the package back and decided to have it deliver myself.
I brought a returned air ticket and the price for the ticket from Toronto, Canada to Singapore was $700 ( my sold painting is $1,000 and with the Artfinder 30% commission, my share is $700 so this would covered my ticket) .
In my dream, I traveled the long flight from Toronto to Singapore and found the buyer’s address hand delivered the painting to the surprised buyer, as he was having a Christmas party and was so happy to see me with painting he invited me to stay for the party!
Then I woke up from my dream.

later that morning on December 24, I found an email from artfinder, my package has been delivered on December 24!





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