The many lives of my cyclamen plant

I have this Cyclamen plant which I rescued from the compost pile at Allan Gardens in Toronto a few years ago. Once I got home I planted it in a pot with fresh soil and placed at the north facing window and within month it started to bloom and the scent was wonderful. For the nest few years  which rewarded me with blooms during the winters and early spring. However this late spring the plant start loosing its leaves and eventually none were left. I thought it might taking a rest and make sure the soil not completely dry out and gave a little water every week, but nothing happened.  Finally, it ran its life cycle I thought then I took the  pot  to the garden and placed it under the tree peony to give it some shade from the sun.
For months from summer to fall nothing came up and then I pretty much gave up on it.
Today, thinking the weather is getting cold I went out side to bring back some of my more tender plants from the garden and then I saw there are tiny leaves in my Cyclamen pot. My cyclamen plant came back to life!
( the painting is when my cyclamen in bloom)
cyclamen watercolor

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