Watching the salmon run

This morning I went to look for the salmon at the Rouge Valley which is not far from I live. When I got to the river I did not see any but as I was getting closer I could see some movements in the water then I see one swimming away from the deep part of the water but swimming toward down stream. At first I thought it was being carry away by the moving water but then another one followed. I thought that was odd and I never seen that happened before.
Slowly both fish swimming farther away from the deep part of the water downstream to the shallow water. I follow them along the shore and could clearly see both of them. at first they were swimming swiftly but slowly they seem to lost their energy and barely moving at all.
One was slightly bigger and darker then the other.  They seem a couple wanted to be alone together and away from the other fishes. I must watched them for half an hour when I left they were close together hardly moving like they were resting in the rapid moving water..


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