Art rescue “the beginning”



When I was in art college, one of my majors was print making. Often, well known artists were invited to give talk on their works. One day, I attended a talk by an artist called Jenifer Dickson ( ).  At the end of her talk she told us after spending years in working with etching and by breathing in too much of acid which has damaged her lung she was no longer making etching any more. ( Part of the process in etching was place the plate into a acid bath and allowed the acid “bites” into the metal (it dissolves part of the metal) where it is exposed, leaving behind lines sunk into the plate).
She since has switched to screen prints and fine art photography and has books published That sad information had stayed with me.
A few years later, I was working full time and near where I work was a large Good Will store: every day during lunch time I would spent my lunch time in the store looking for picture frames for my paintings. Being a young artist with little money it was a great way to save money and spent my spare time.
Then one day, as I was looking among all those framed posters and armature paintings I found a signed and numbered color etching by by Jennifer Dickson!
The Dickson etching was matted and framed in a silver metal frame but missing the glass and the price was inly $7. i couldn’t believe my luck I brought my first original art and began my art collecting from thrift shops and garage sale.





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