Art rescue from the lawn sale

 corn-stalk-by-don-wright watercolor -s  During the weekend, friend and I were suppose to attend an outdoor art show and we agreed to meet at a café but I was more than half an hour early. Having some time to kill, I decided to walk around the neighborhood toward the residential area then I stumbled into a big lawn sale by the tenants of a high-rise building.
Most of the items were the usual stuff, like lamp, toys and framed poster and knickknacks
However, one man has about a dozen of framed art display on the grass and right away I spotted a large watercolor painting, although it was in a horrible frame with the glass missing but I could see it was done by an artist confidence with his skills, the painting was painted with bold colors and expression brushstrokes.
I walked closer to take a better look and noticed the $15 price tag but nothing about the art or the artist.
A man appeared, offered the painting for $10 to me which was a big $5 mark down. All I could think of how incontinence would be walking around with that large framed painting, as I was walking away he called out $8 final offer!  
No, I said to myself I don’t want to walk around all afternoon with a large framed painting. Then an idea came to me I could buy the painting and removed the frame!
I went back to the man paid him the $8 then started to remove the painting from the frame and cardboard backing right on the spot.. When all this done I rolled up my newly purchased painting and handed the frame back to the man,
Within few feet, I spotted a tube at the other table for a quarter. I brought the tube and placed my roll up watercolor in it for protection.
Later that night I got home and have a chance to examine the painting I found the signature and date on the lower bottom which been covered by the mat earlier when it was framed.
“Don Weight” I did a web search an right away found him and was amazed with the things he has accomplished He was a painter, print maker and teacher also a graduate from my art college in Toronto.
I am so glad to have brought and rescued his painting from the lawn sale.
P.S, this one of the many original arts I had brought from garage sales and thrift shops, more later.



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