My sold painting was returned and unclaimed

I sold an original painting through an art site just before Christmas. The next day I sent out the painting and later I checked the post office has tried to deliver but no one home to receive it, a notice was left. I thought the buyer might be away for the holiday then After the 15 day return period over I was paid so I didn’t think much about it Then last month, I got a notice from the post office a package was on hold for me: to my surprise it was my sold painting. Their explanation was, after holding it for more than a month no one has claim the package it was return to me. ( I paid for the return shipping charge).
Right away I sent out an email to the buyer but no reply and then I called and left a message still no respond. Another month gone by still no respond from this buyer,.
This is the first for me, make me wonder what ever happened to the buyer if he still alive?

watercolor painting

watercolor painting



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