Voting day

voting day
Today is voting day here in Canada. All my adult life, I had voted for only one party: the Liberal Party and nothing else. The word “liberal” means” freedom” in Chinese and sadly the Progressive Conservative party has merged with the Reform party and the new party has dropped the “progressive” and now know only as Conservative or short for “Con”
Our family arrived in Canada in 1973 and it was the liberal party which under Pierre Trudeau leadership helped my parents to own their first and only house after only three year in this country.
Both my parents work for low paying jobs made little money but during that time the federal government has a housing program to help low income families to own their first home with low interest rate. My parents entered their name into the housing lottery and their name was picked.
Forty years later we still live in the same house.
 Well, that one policy has turned me into a life long liberal and I am even old enough to vote for anther Trudeau, Pierre’s son Justin.

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