A well travel seed pod

a sunday surprise
I started some poppies from seed this spring which grow into small plants and was told it will not produce flowers this year.
My poppy seed has an interesting story: a couple of years ago, just before I travel to China; I collected a seed pod from a garden where I had been taking photos. I put it in the pocket of the jacket I was wearing and forgot about it.
I took the same jacket with me to China twice, first to Qingdao and next year to Beijing. My seed pod was in the pocket on both trips.
Somehow, during my second trip to China my seed pod was broken but all the seed remained in my pocket. After I arrived back home in Toronto, I empty the seed into a tiny glass jar.

Early this spring, I saw the little glass jar with my poppy seed decided to see if I can start poppy from them. I put them in a jar with moist paper towel on the bottom. I checked it often to make sure the paper towel remain moist, week later the tiny seeding appeared.
When the weather was warm enough I planted my tiny seeding in a pot and left them in the garden.
Months later, only three of my seeding turned into small plants. The tallest one is about seven inch.
This morning, while I look into the garden from the window I saw something red on my poppy plant: a flower opens when I least expected.


One thought on “A well travel seed pod

  1. A lovely story. I am harvesting seeds now ~ I am collecting them, putting them in little envelopes and taking them with me on a trip, too. I will blog about it. So your story really speaks to me now! Enjoy your poppy flower – it is lovely, grown with love.

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