Expensive paint

During the springtime, I took photos of a tree peony in bloom and the flowers were an unusual shade of pinkish violet.. I decided to use as my next painting, however I could mix the color to match that color.
Off to visit my local art supply store and was happy to found the color I needed Normally, the price for a little tube is around $12 but when was at the check out was surprised to find it cost lot more than I expected. In fact, it was the most I ever paid for: a whopping $21!
Soon after I got home, I started my painting with my expensive tube of paint and finished the peonies but let part of the painting empty because I couldn’t come up an idea what to go with the peonies. I put the painting away and started to work on my paper cutting.
A month later, as I was taking a break from the paper cutting and back to painting again I found my unfinished painting of the peony. This time, I knew what to add to the painting: irises!.
Here is the finished painting , “iris with violet” , watercolor on paper, 14”x21”
iris with violet

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