The year of the Goat, Sheep or perhaps Ram?

This year being the year of the sheep according to Chinese zodiac but also created a bit of confusion for English translation because the Chinese character yang (羊). The exact meaning of the phrase is hard to pin down. Because the character yang (羊) which includes sheep, goat, ram. The character is written,, there is a pair of horns so it more closely resembles a goat.
Both sheep and goats are raised in China, but the former are only found in the grasslands on the country’s northern fringes. Goats are more commonplace.
The ram, a male sheep is a third candidate, preferred by some who don’t like the meek, docile characteristics associated with the sheep. So the year of the goat, sheep or ram are applicable to yang.
Goat watercolor, 12”x14”

watercolor 12"x14"

watercolor 12″x14″


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